Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Daily Thought: Being Dead to Sin

To be dead to sin with Christ is not to be lacking in these natural desires, but to have a real alternative to sin and the world's sin system as the orientation and motivation for our natural impulses. In our new life, we are capable of standing beyond sin's reach as we choose what we will do and in that sense we are unattached from it, we are dead to it.  It is still possible in the abstract for us to sin, but we see it as the uninteresting or the disgusting thing it is.  The psychological condition established in us by the influx of Christ's life—a psychological reality—allows us to rise above our "old person" for the motivation, organization, and direction of our physical existence.

Dallas Willard, The Spirit of the Disciplines, HarperOne (1991), p. 115

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