Thursday, April 26, 2012

Daily Thought: Complex and Simple

I say this because people often grumble as soon as a discussion about the meaning of human life, or the possibility of God, moves away from quite simple ideas and becomes more complicated.  Any world in which there are things as music and sex, laughter and tears, mountains and mathematics, eagles and earthworms, statues and symphonies and snowflakes and sunsets—and in which we humans find ourselves in the middle of it all—is bound to be a world in which the quest for truth, for reality, for what we can be sure of, is infinitely more complicated than simple yes-and-no questions will allow.  There is appropriate complexity along with appropriate simplicity.  The more we learn, the more we discover that we humans are fantastically complicated creatures.  Yet, on the other hand, human life is full of moments when we know that things are also very, very simple.

N. T. Wright, Simply Christian, HarperOne (2006), p. 49


Liane said...

I definitely lean towards the complicated. I'm all about detail and few things are simple for me. However, I'm also learning that something it is just that: SIMPLE. Although I am willing to adjust and learn and grow, I find that I bump into a lot of people who camp on the side of simple, and sometimes it appears as if they don't want to learn about complicated. In those instances I find that relationship can be very difficult or near impossible. They want a simple yes and no and then fill in the blanks with imaginary ideas... instead of the truth. I think that is sad. But if someone insist on imagination, I don't feel like there is a whole lot I can do about it. Is there? Sometimes it is then as simple as accepting that and leaving it (or them) be... perhaps?

Paul Steele said...

Liane thanks for another wonderful comment. I know I want to help people see beyond the simple things of faith, that life and following Jesus is both complicated and messy at times. Yet at the same time I think I miss out on the wonderful simple side of faith, the part of living in the mystery and trusting God. May God help us not only see the simplicity of faith, but also give us the discernment to follow the truth wherever complicated and messy place it might take us.

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