Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Daily Thought: Don't Just Drift

The professing Christian who now scarcely pretends to open the Bible or pray came to so terrible a position, not at a single leap, but by yielding to the pressure of the constant waywardness of the old nature, and thus drifted into an arctic region, where he is likely to perish, benumbed and frozen, unless rescued, and launched on the warm gulf-stream of the love of God.

It is so easy, and so much pleasanter, to drift. Just to lie back, and renounce effort, and let yourself go whither the waters will, as theybreak musically on the sides of the rocking boat. But, ah, how ineffable the remorse, how disastrous the result!

Are you drifting? You can easily tell. Are you conscious of effort, of daily, hourly resistance to the stream around you, and within? Do the things of God and heaven loom more clearly on your vision? Do the waters foam angrily at your prow as you force your way through them? If so, rejoice! but remember that only divine strength can suffice to maintain the conflict, and keep the boat's head against the stream. If not, you are drifting. Hail the strong Son of God! Ask him to come on board, and stay you, and bring you into port.

F. B. Meyer, The Way Into The Holiest, Olive Tree Bible Software Edition


middy1 said...

Thanks for this blog.
How true it is that many christians choose to be comfortable and just drifing along in life. To have a deep hunger and thirst for an ever growing and intimate relationship with God as our number one priority in this life.
Seeking God daily, hourly and minute by minute. Praying, worshiping, immersing oneself into God's Holy word and allowing the Holy Spirit to have All in our life.
Blesings to you always Paul and Jenny.

Your friend in Christ,

Paul Steele said...

Thanks Sandra for the comment and the blessing. May we continue to intentionally follow after Jesus rather than drifting along on the currents of culture and religion.

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