Monday, April 30, 2012

Daily Thought: Without God There is No Meaning

The point is this: If God does not exist, then life is objectively meaningless; but man cannot live consistently and happily knowing that life is meaningless; so in order to be happy he pretends life has meaning.  But this is, of course, entirely inconsistent—for without God, man and the universe are without any real significance.

William Lane Craig, On Guard, David C. Cook (2010), p. 41


Liane said...

Very profound reminder for me again this morning. This morning my pearl of wisdom was, "I am the Vine and you are the branches; apart from the Vine you can do nothing."

Lately I've been (feeling like) consumed with one crisis after the next. I've been trying to solve those, hoping that once I have, I can balance out again. Now I'm realizing that if I don't get with God instead, I might not get to the end of it to begin with.

It is kind of like my money: I find whenever I have not paid my tithe, I've had less money, even though - logically - I'm suppose to have more, but when I've paid it - then I'm actually supposed to have less - instead, I have more! The same goes for our time. We neglect God, running after all kinds of other things, not realizing that we're avoiding the very answer. How foolish we can be.

I'm changing my strategy again today.

Paul Steele said...

Only in Jesus do we find meaning for even the most mundane and life-draining events in our lives. We must stay connected to the Vine, our source of life. Thanks for the thoughts Liane.

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