Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prayer: Find Liberty in Holiness

Most glorious God! I ask You to open my eyes to this wonderful liberty with which Christ has made me free. May I enter fully into Your word, that sin shall have no dominion over me because I am not under the law but under grace. May I know my liberty which I have in Christ Jesus, and stand fast in it.

Father! Your service is perfect liberty: reveal this too to me. You are the infinitely Free, and Your will knows no limits but what its own has placed. And You invite us into Your will, that we may be free as You are free. O my God! show me the beauty of Your will, as it frees me from self and from sin, and let it be my only blessedness. Let the service of righteousness so be a joy and a strength to me, having its fruit in sanctification, leading me into Your Holiness.

Blessed Lord Jesus! my Deliverer and my Liberty, I belong to You. I give myself to Your will, to know no will but Yours. Master! You and You alone would I serve. I have my liberty in You! be my Keeper. I cannot stand for one moment out of You. In You I can stand fast: in You I put my trust.

Most Holy God! as Your free, obedient, loving child, You will make me holy. Amen.

(Adapted from Andrew Murray's prayer found in Holy in Christ at the end of the chapter 20 Holiness and Liberty.)

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