Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Daily Thought: The Habits of Sin are Hard to Kill

Old habits of sin are hard to kill. We seem to have killed and buried them; but do you not sometimes hear a knocking beneath the ground? do you not feel the dead thing turning in its coffin, and see the earth moving above its grave? This is the penalty of the days given to the flesh. Till his dying day the man who has been a drunkard or a fornicator, a liar or a swearer, will have to keep watch and ward over the graveyard in which he has buried the past.

Stalker, James (2011-03-30). The Trial and Death of Jesus Christ: A Devotional History of our Lord's Passion (p. 17).  . Kindle Edition.

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Min.Dre said...

This is very much like a grave. only this is something I do not wish to cherish only to remember where God has brought me from. These habits have a way of rising from the dead and I just thank God that his Holy Spirit keeps me aware and alert when old habits try to rise again. Deliverance is instant but healing from those sinful wounds isn't.

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