Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Linkage: Hitting the Wall

One of the shows I like to watch is Shark Tank.  Shark Tank is the show that brings business owners in front of 4 potential investors.  One lesson that I have learned from the show is that people tend to overestimate the value of their business and they underestimate the money and man power it will take to make that business a success.

I think we can do the same thing with our lives.  No wonder the apostle Paul said we need to make a sober assessment of our lives (Romans 12:3).  Craig McConnell shares an experience in this post that made me think about this reality.

I remember Bill Sayers and I running the Redondo Beach Village Runner Fourth of July 5K. It’s a route set on the bluffs above the ocean run by a festive mob of Los Angelinos. The holiday enthusiasm of the crowd causes most to underestimate the deceptively steep and daunting final 2.5 kilometers.

Bill and I ran with youthful vigor, thinking, as most do, “it’s only a 5K… we can trot this backwards with both arms tied behind our back, wearing Elvis suits while balancing seven plates on our heads.”
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