Thursday, June 14, 2012

Linkage: The Jesus We Never Knew

As we follow Jesus it is easy to begin to rely on experience and cliché as the foundation of our faith.  It has been said that American Christians are a mile wide and an inch deep.  We do things which identify us as Christians, but we have never taken the time to fully develop the reasons why we are Christians.  Our faith is nothing but a house of cards. I believe that as Followers of Christ we need to develop our intellects as well.  In the great commandment we are instructed to love God with all of our minds.

In this article Douglas Groothuis looks at Jesus as an intellectual.  Jesus engaged the scholars of his day and provide compelling answers to their questions.  As our Founder and Leader may he be an example for us in this area as well.

The October 2000 issue of The Atlantic Monthly featured a perceptive, and, to many, a surprising essay on the renewal of evangelical thought and scholarship. In 'The Opening of the Evangelical Mind,' Alan Wolfe interviewed important evangelical scholars and others and found that many evangelicals and significant institutions have stepped up to the intellectual plate. Stereotypes of backwoods, simplistic, and monosyllabic believers desperately trying to pretend it was still the 1950s, loudly crashed right and left. Many in my circle of evangelical academics and students were buzzing and beaming about this unexpected article. Wolfe found that some evangelicals are writing scholarly books that appeal to those outside the fold. And they are participating in learned associations and even forming new ones, such as the influential Society of Christian Philosophers.
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