Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Created to Crave: Part 13

We Crave Meaning

I don’t have to tell you that we live in a broken world.  Every day as I read the news I come across at least one story that starts me praying as I wonder how something so awful could happen.  How could a parent kill his/her children?  Why does a young college student have to die?  Why does rape and sexual abuse occur?  Why are there so many people suffering from starvation or from terminal illnesses?

I would bet if I asked, you would be able to give me personal account of suffering.  None of us can go through life unaffected by the problem of evil.

Our difficulty is trying to reconcile suffering and a loving God.  We want to believe, but all the bad which happens around us seems to make believing impossible.  We crave to find some meaning to life and the bad things that happen to us.

Here is the question I would like you to consider today: How do you make sense of the world?

We crave things.  Our bodies crave things like food, air, and sleep.  Our souls crave certain things as well.  These cravings can some times be seen in the questions we ask: Who am I?  Am I loved? Why am I here?  What is the purpose of life?

Our cravings are also seen in the things that we do.  We might jump from one relationship to another in hopes of finally being loved and understood.  We might become so consumed with a career that everything else falls to the wayside.  We might have an on going exploration of philosophy and religion in order to finally find the one that makes sense of life.  Our actions will reveal the cravings of our heart.

This reality should not surprise us.  God created us to crave the deeper things of life, eternal things.  Solomon in Ecclesiastes 3:11 wrote: Also, he has put eternity into man's heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end. (ESV)  We long for eternity and to experience the things that God created for us to experience and to understand what God is doing, from creation to Christ's second coming.  We crave and we desire, and nothing we experience right now fully satisfies those cravings.

C. S. Lewis, the late Christian author and thinker, expressed it this way: "If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." (Mere Christianity, p. 121).  Do you find in yourself desires, cravings, that have yet to be satisfied by what this world has to offer? Then that means you were made for a different world.  I hope you have taken way this truth from this series: Our desires point us to God's Kingdom.

These desires can only be satisfied in Christ Jesus.  Jesus, in John 6:35, tells us: “I am the bread of life. The one who comes to me will never become hungry, and the one who believes in me will never become thirsty” (ISV).  In Jesus our desires begin to be satisfied as we continue to long for the day when we will experience full satisfaction with the coming of God's Kingdom.

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