Sunday, July 01, 2012

God's System of Personal Liberty

As a follower of Jesus I believe that God has created a universe which is orderly and is based on discoverable and discernible rules and laws. As we discover these fundamental principles of the universe we begin to understand God's original intention for the world and humankind. When we ignore these laws/rules we do so at our peril.

Take gravity for instance. By understanding gravity we can create things which can fly, but we cannot defy the law of gravity. A person who thinks he can defy gravity and fly like Superman will pay the consequence of that belief.

In the same way economics are governed by rules that we cannot ignore or defy. Certainly there are many factors to take into account when it comes to economics, but the complexity of it doesn't mean we cannot understand the basic principles which govern that reality of human existence. As people and governments attempt to ignore those realities they experience the painful consequences of their actions. Sadly those consequences often affect hardest those who had the least part in the decision making process.

I bring this up because I think this gives us a foundation for understanding why a Christian should be interested in things like politics, economics, and personal liberty. Since God created the universe we can expect it to be a universe of order, or as Alexander Campbell called it; "a system of systems."

What this means is that we should put forth mental effort to discover, to understand, and to communicate the laws which govern these systems to the people around us. I believe this is one way we can usher the Kingdom of God into the world.

It also means that we must be willing to follow the truth wherever it leads us. As aLibertarian I cannot get hung up on the idea of personal liberty that it becomes an idol for me making me miss what God wants to do through my life. Likewise most of the Evangelical community shouldn't get caught up with the idea of conservatism and make an idol out of that political way of thinking.

As a Christian libertarian I believe I have been given a great opportunity to break free from what the establishment says and to follow after the truth that God has woven into the fabric of the universe. Part of my responsibility is to put the Truth before people so they have an opportunity to consider what I believe is God's way ordering society, the way of personal liberty.

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