Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It Is a Big Deal

A huge problem facing the church in the United States are people who have grown accustomed to not obeying God.  We hear the messages, we read the Bible, and we make no effort to change or to obey and then we wonder why our lives aren't any different than the rest of the world. Obedience is essential!


Min.Dre said...

You know i think the reason is because people forget things like the scripture. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction. if you do not fear the Lord you will not obey the Lord. If you don't know why you should fear the Lord you will never want to obey the Lord. The Fear of the Lord has been pushed to the side. People do not realize every day you live, every step you take the Lord has allowed you to have or make. People give up hard work and labor for the quick buck. No different than giving up on God for Him to do His will, to if I do it my way I can get what I want possibly now versus waiting on someone else to handle it for me. Fallen doesn't even begin to describe the state this world is in. Christians have become complacent in their faith. non believers could care less. For me it's like I had heard in a sermon. The word of God should be principle in your life. If it is against the word of God then it does not go down. Point blank plain and simple, but alas for many non-believers and believers that is not the case. My journey is to live and die by the word of God. If it is aligned with the word of God then I will do my best to follow-through. Doesn't mean i won't mess up and need to repent and start again, but my heart, my spirit and my mind are aligned to please Christ and Christ alone.

Paul Steele said...

I agree with you. One thing I would add is that we have low expectations associated with following Jesus. All we expect from people is to belief and attend a weekly worship time. The expectation to actually obey is not there.

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