Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Humble God

{John 13:12-17; NLT}
When he had washed their feet and put on his outer garments and resumed his place, he said to them, "Do you understand what I have done to you? You call me Teacher and Lord, and you are right, for so I am. If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet. For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you. Truly, truly, I say to you, a servant is not greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him. If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them."

To me one of the most amazing qualities about God is humility.  Think about the reality of the Creator of the universe is humble.  The One who deserves our worship is humble enough to serve us, His creation.  It is unbelievable.

I know humility is not the first quality that comes to mind when we think about God, but it is one nonetheless.  This quality surprises us because we know how we act when we have a little bit success or a little bit of authority.  Humility is rarely what is on our mind.  What is on our mind are the praise, congratulations, and the admiration of people.  It is hard for us to be humble.

In the text we discover Jesus, who is the exact representation of God, humbly washing the feet of his disciples. This humble service extended to Judas, his betrayer, as well.  The Creator of the Universe humbly stooped to wash the dirt off the feet of his rebellious creation.  What an act of love and humility that was!

May that image of God stick with us as we go about our daily lives.  If our God can be humble, then you and I need to be humble as well.

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Min.Dre said...

Amazing...Your right humility is not the first thing we thing of, and yet it is one of his most endearing quality traits. I am always praying to remain humble, even when humble thoughts are not present at the time of a given thought. I never want to see myself as great. I am a servant and my life is dedicated to His will. It truly is a constant battle and it is definitely not with flesh and blood but with our hearts, our conscience and spirit. great reminder for me to dwell on thank-you

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