Friday, August 31, 2012

Linkage: Bigger Issue than Same-Sex Attraction?

Followers of Jesus, if we are not careful, can make being a Christian about morality.  When we do this we begin to weigh our sins, and usually the other person's sin weighs more than mine.  I think that is especially true when it comes to homosexuality.  Christians like to condemn and criticize homosexuals for their sin, because it something that majority of us don't struggle with.  Yet another sin, like gluttony, we overlook and make excuses for because it is an issue with which we struggle.

James Engelbrecht has this article at Christian Standard addressing this very topic:
Individuals with same-sex attraction make up as much as 6 percent of the male population and 4.5 percent of females (though some studies estimate half that). Those are not insignificant numbers, especially when same-sex attraction involves you or someone you love. 
Thus began Mark Moore’s February 12, 2012, column, “How Should the Church Relate to Those with Same-Sex Attraction?” Here’s the rub. As a follower of Christ, I hear Christians say: 
“Keep your nose out of my private life.”
“It’s my body.”
“Christians aren’t called to be judgmental.”
“It’s not a sin. I’m this way due to a complex interaction of biology, my family, and societal factors.”
“I’m not sure how God feels about this. God made me and loves me the way I am.” 
I have family and friends dealing with same-sex attraction, but I’ve never heard them say these things. Instead, these comments came from overweight Christians.
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lisa croker said...

It's true.

The church is by and large fat and drunk... divorced...

Yet we pick on homosexuality!

Now, I believe it is a sin and in the church should not be long-term tolerated... as any sin shouldnt...

but 1: we should be judging the sin within the body not first in the world!

and 2: we need to stop grading some sins and dismissing others!

covnitkepr1 said...

Good spiritual blog...nice post and thought provoking.
God hates All sin equally.

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