Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Risky Fellowship

In Search of Fellowship: Part 2

Deep and meaningful fellowship cannot be planned or programed.  The Fellowship Ministry Team at church may be able to plan times for Christians to get together, but they cannot force people to go beyond being polite and friendly with each other.  While these connections are good they often leave us wanting more.
We may not be able to program true fellowship, but we can take steps to create an environment where fellowship can thrive.  Remember fellowship doesn’t come naturally to us.  Yes, it is something that we desire, but we are more inclined to do things that benefit us, and fellowship, at its core, is about doing things that bless others people
No wonder the New Testament writers reminded us of the importance of being involved in the lives of one another.  Reading through the New Testament we discover that we are called to love one another, forgive one another, encourage one another, honor one another, live in harmony with one another, accept one another, and instruct one another.  This is a sampling of how God wants us to relate to each other. By relating to each other in these various ways we establish an environment in which fellowship can take root and grow.
The essence of fellowship is love.  The one another commands in the New Testament give us practical ways for us to love one another.  Fellowship is the extension of our love for each other.  How do we go about creating an environment of love that will allow fellowship to flourish?

We need to be willing to risk if we are to create environments which promote the development of fellowship.  Fellowship in nice in theory, but it messy in reality.  To have true fellowship we have to risk getting hurt by people, we have to risk getting involved in other people's problems, and we have to risk no being able to live life on our terms.

To be committed to one another is risky business, but it is the only way true fellowship will happen.  Taking this risk won't be easy, and at times we will want to hide behind the four walls of our houses, but in the end we will discover true fellowship is worth whatever the risk.

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lisa croker said...

Amen, it tuly is worth the risk!
It helps me also in my relationship with the Lord because it shows me where I am hiding things from Him, you know?
If I really don't want to ask for prayer for "that?" or I really don't want to share "this?" or I don't want to let go of that bad attitude ;) just in a human friendship... I start to notice the grib whatever the things may be - has on me in my heart and life!
does that make sense?

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