Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teamwork is Essential

Team Chemistry: Part 6

Teamwork is essential for success.  The apostles worked together with the members of the early church to impact Jerusalem, Judea, and then the Roman Empire.  If we can work together we can have an impact here in this world.  It is going to take a combination of all of our talents.  

Let me get personal for just a moment.  God has uniquely blessed you with different talents, blessings, and experiences to that you can help the kingdom of God grow.  These things are not yours, but they are God’s and He is asking you to use them.  Here is my challenge for us this morning: How can you use God’s resources for His Kingdom? Start by praying.  Pick someone to pray for on a daily basis.  Maybe they are sick and in need of healing, or financial strained and need some relief, or perhaps they need to know Jesus.  Pick a mission to pray for, perhaps you don’t even know what they do, but pray for them.  We have a bunch on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall.  Pray for the ministry of this church family, that God would open doors for you to extend God’s love.  If you are not praying nothing will change for the better.

Here is what I want you to remember this blog series: Unity is essential to function as the body of Christ. We are not the body of Christ if we are not united and we cannot be united if we are not devoted to the same things.  As the body of Christ we become God’s tool to help hurting humanity.

As we are united together, helping each other towards maturity and being compassionate to the world, we become salt of the earth and light of the world.  In other words we begin to influence the world we live in  The reason for this is because people are able to see that we are different.  Just as John and his disciples saw that Jesus was different and wondered if he was the messiah, the world will look at us and wonder if we know the way to God. That will give us the opening to make an eternal difference in their lives.
Teamwork is a part of life.  When we work together as Christians become the church God wants us to be as we go about making disciples of the nations. May we accept Jesus’ call by living out His example of unity. It is through unity that we show the world who God really is.

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