Saturday, September 15, 2012

Don't Surrender to Fear


Liane said...

There is a scenario in my life right now that has caused me to literally shake in my boots at time - I'm learning something big about this statement. Sometimes doing what you believe you should takes a lot of guts and trusting God for the outcome, but it can be a pretty scary experience. I am grateful though - and I do believe - that I am growing even as we speak; that God is not just teaching me right now, but even preparing me for bigger boots in the future. We must never become stuck only in the moment. God knows the now and the later. Also, it might just be something that could have horrible consequences if we DON'T obey. Who or what do we fear more? I believe that my reverential fear of the Lord should be greater; the one who honors our obedience.

How tragic it would be to sacrifice obedience to the Lord because you're afraid, and then losing the very thing that you were trying to hold on to by compromising... in effect losing TWICE, and realizing that the compromise was not worth the sacrifice? Nope! We HAVE to learn not to surrender to fear!

Paul Steele said...

Liane thanks again for your comment. I think that our biggest obstacle in living a life of faith is fear. That is why God tells us over and over again in the Bible to not fear. Yet it is a learning experience, and one of the things we have to learn to do is reflect on the past and remember how God has come thought before for us. It is like David, before facing Goliath, told King Saul that God had delivered him from a bear and a lion, and so God would deliver him from the giant. We cannot surrender to fear, rather we need to trust our God who works everything for good for those who trust Him.

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