Monday, April 01, 2013

Creating the Future

The lives that we are currently living are the results of choices that were made. These choices include the choices we made, the choices that other people have made that have intersected with our lives, and the choices God has made. The reason we can be optimistic about the future is because God has chosen to get involved.


The future is the sum total of all the choices that are made in the present and in the past. Fortunately, that sum total includes the choices made by God.

Erwin McManus, Uprising, p. 237

The world we live in is the product of billions of choices. Each of every person who has every lived has had a hand in shaping this world.

This is why the idea of parallel universes is so appealing. A parallel universe allows us to dream about the “what ifs” of life. We can imagine what life would have been like if we would have gone out for the football team, asked a certain girl out for a date, or applied ourselves in the classroom. Just think there might be a universe out there where I am a Batman type superhero.

All of us have made choices that we now regret. We would love to go back and change them, but as the great theologian Eddie Money taught us, we can’t go back and do things over. The past is the past and we can’t go back and make different choices.

Even if there were other parallel universes out there the alternate me making different or better choices doesn’t affect my life. The only life that affects me is the life that I am currently living.

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