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From the Archives: Disciples Need Discipleship

From the archives at Paul's Ponderings.

During my fourth year at Nebraska Christian College I had a roommate from China. David worked for a well known company in China and had a good job, but he wanted an American education. Even though he was not a Christian David ended up at NCC because it was one of the few colleges that would admit him.

 One day during second semester David asked me a question that haunts me to this day. He asked, “Are you a Christian?” David explained his question by saying, “All I ever see you do is play games and watch movies with your friends.”

 A quick survey of the Church in the United States would show us that that question could be asked of most people who claim the name Christian. They might be faithful in church attendance, in saying daily prays, and in reading Bible, but the love, hope, peace, and joy that is to characterize their lives is absent. Why is that?

 I think part of the reason is found in the way the Gospel is presented to people. We have emphasized belief and have not talked about the necessity of true Biblical repentance. This has resulted in people who intellectually believe in Jesus, but who have not given their loyalty to Jesus.

 A second reason is because many church families have been content to make members rather than disciples. Members are happy to attend a worship service one day a week, but they are not prepared to have Jesus disrupt their lives. What is missing from many church families is true discipleship. We don't know how to help people mature in their faith.

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