Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Commentary: Freedom from Fear

Fear is a common human experience.  Fear is beneficial when it leads us to not take unnecessary risks, but often fear robs us of the life God created us to enjoy.  How can we experience freedom from our fears? That is the question I attempt to answer in this commentary at Paul's Ponderings.

I grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa. There is no better place for a boy to grow up than on a farm, there are so many different ways for him to explore his creativity, curiosity, and sense of adventure. The farm is a great place for a boy to learn to become a man.

Another benefit for me of growing up on the farm was the opportunity I had to face some of my fears.  One summer I had to face two of my greatest fears at the same time: heights and rats. We had a big white barn that was  infested with rats.  This type of infestation is not uncommon where you have large amounts of grain stored, a great source of food the the rodents.

I had developed a fear of rats after hearing an old radio show on Sunday at the Memories that was about a light house that was over run by these killer rats.  A story my uncle Phil told about a rat running up a person’s pant leg sent chills up my spine didn’t help matters.

That summer I was required to go into the barn, climb a ladder, walk along a 2×4, descend into the right bin, and shovel oats into a bucket to feed the horse.  I got a knot in the bottom of my stomach every time I went out to do this chore.

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