Saturday, January 25, 2014

Don't Let Time Slip Away

As I grow older the more aware I am of the passing moments of life. The younger you are the easier it is to put things off by saying, “I will do it tomorrow”.

With each passing day time slips through our fingers. We have to remember that we only have a limited supply of tomorrows, and we don't know when they will run out.

The good intentions that we have will remain undone if we don't begin to make an effort to accomplish them today. Intentions only become accomplishments through action.

We all have dreams, goals, and passions that we would like to accomplish. Maybe you want to improve the relationship you have with a distant brother/sister or maybe you want to start a romantic relationship with a long time crush. Perhaps you want to write a book or go back to college. Maybe you want to change careers or start your own business. Perhaps you want to serve God in a new capacity or go on some type of missions trip. We will not accomplish any of it unless we put forth the effort to accomplish them.

Tomorrow will not be any less busy than today is. We can be certain that tomorrow will bring with it a new set of troubles and expectations.

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