Monday, April 11, 2016

A Life that Shines

Apologetics, the discipline of defending the Christian faith, is an essential discipline for the survival of the Church. Christians need to have confidence that their faith is rooted in truth. Non-Christians need to know that following Jesus is not taking a blind leap into the dark, but is based on truth supported by evidence.

As important as apologetics is to the life of the church, it is not the primary reason people become Christians. For many people the obstacle to following Jesus is not an intellectual obstacle, but a pragmatic obstacle. People want to know if following Jesus makes any difference in their lives.

In An Unstoppable Force Erwin McManus made this point:
"For too long we have hidden behind the rightness of propositional truth and have ignored the question or whether or not it works. Does the faith you advocate get you to God? If people are observing your Christianity and reserving allegiance to see what team actually wins, is there enough evidence in your life to cause a person to see Jesus as sufficient? What an incredible opportunity we have in a world of uncertainty! We know that God is and that Jesus is his name. There are many things that we don't know, but what we know is enough." (p. 58)
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