Friday, April 29, 2016

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No one likes to admit that they have made a mistake. The bigger the mistake the more motivation we have to try to cover it up and act like nothing ever happened.

Since that is how many of us respond to making a mistake, it is no wonder that we have a difficult time confessing our sin, even to God. The result is that many of us carry around the baggage of guilt for past sins, and the chains of habit for present sins. This dual threat of guilt and addiction makes life complicated as we try to keep the masks we have created in place, so no one can see untidy parts of our lives.

One of the reasons I find it hard to confess my sins to God is because I am embarrassed about the weakness that I have in my life. “After all,” I think, “I should know better! If I truly had faith I wouldn’t do such things.” Like Adam and Eve, I try to hide from God because I don’t want admit my foolish choice.

There are other reasons why people hide from God, rather than confessing their sins to Him. I think another big one is fear. You know God is the law-giver, and fear tells you that if you confess your sin, then He will punish you. “After all God is holy,” fear has you rationalize, “and that means He has to punish those who break His law.” With a thought like this, it is easy to understand why people have a difficult time confessing sin.

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