Sunday, May 22, 2016

It Matters that Morality is Declining – Paul's Ponderings

It is vital to remember that Jesus’ mission was not to make people moral, but to make people alive.

Throughout church history one of the ways the Church has been distracted from her mission of making disciples has been to focus on morality. Especially in countries where the Church has had significant influence, Christians have viewed themselves as the gatekeepers of morality. I think this has been to the determent of the Church’s mission.

Alexander Campbell (September 12, 1788 – March 4, 1866), one of the founders of the Restoration Movement wrote:

“To compel men destitute of faith to observe any Christian institution…is commanding duty to be performed without faith in God’ and therefore ‘anti-evangelical’ or contrary to the Gospel” (The Political Ethics of Alexander Campbell; p. 46)

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