Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Which Way Are You Going?

"Our choices either move us toward God and all the pleasure that comes in Him or steer us away from Him to a life of shame and fear." ~ Erwin McManus, Seizing Your Divine Moment, p. 19

The way we view choices is odd. 

On the one hand we acknowledge the importance of choices and agree that choices are powerful things. On the other hand, we treat many of the choices we make each day as unimportant and allow habits or emotions to dictate what we do.

I like this thought from Erwin McManus because it reminds us that our choices are in fact either moving closer to our goal or hindering our progress. The reason why we are frustrated with our place in life or in our relationship with God has a great deal to do with the choices that we make.

One of the realities of my life that I have become increasingly aware of is how distracted I allow myself to be. I will mindlessly scroll Facebook or my Twitter feed rather than doing something productive. This has resulted in reading fewer books and not writing very often.

The choice to choose the path of least resistance and pick up my phone has hindered my desire to learn, to blog, and even to think.

Choosing the path of least resistance also has spiritual implications. 

The electronic distractions of television, computers, and smart phones conditions our minds to make it more difficult to concentrate while praying or reading Scripture. It isolates us from other people rather than bringing us together so we can truly be the body of Christ.

Our choices are important, and some of the most important choices that we will make are the choices that affect how we use our time. Remember when making those choices, you are either moving towards God or away from Him.

Which direction are your choices taking you?

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